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Harnessing light to develop functional polymeric materials


Research areas

Photoredox Polymerization

Harnessing  the power of light in Photoinduced Electron Transfer-Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Transfer (PET-RAFT) polymerisation. Read More

Antimicrobial Materials

Using advanced synthetic polymer chemistry to develop new synthetic antimicrobial macromolecules. 
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Computation and
Photocatalyst Design

Computer-guided discovery of new efficient/functional photocatalyst and photocatalytic mechanisms. 

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Combining  photopolymerisation with Polymerisation-Induced Self-Assembly (PISA) for the preparation of nanoparticles. Read More

High-Throughput Polymerization

Leveraging oxygen tolerant properties to perform photopolymerisation in multi-well pates or discrete droplets.

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Photo-Flow Polymerization

Upscaling the production of complex polymer products with photo-flow processing techniques. Read More


Incorporating rapid photoredox RAFT polymerisation in photo-curing 3D printing techniques. 

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Polymerization from Polyphenols

Preparing polymers and nanoparticles from naturally occurring antioxidant polyphenols such as catechin. 

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Upconversion Nanoparticles

Employing NIR-to-UV/visible upconversion nanoparticles to generate in situ UV/visible light for drug delivery. 

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Our research is centred on the development of environmentally friendly techniques for the synthesis of functional polymeric materials.


A major focus is photoinduced electron/energy transfer-reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (PET-RAFT) polymerisation where we are continuing to develop novel photoredox catalysts.


We are also developing various polymerisation techniques for visible-light-cotrolled radical polymerisation, such as continous flow PET-RAFT polymerisation and high-throughput synthesis of polymers through photopolymerisation in open-air.

Furthermore, we are exploring photopolymerisation in dispersed media for the synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles through polymerisiation-induced self assembly (photo-PISA).


Another focus is adapting the aforementioned techniques to the fabrication of advanced polymeric materials for  new synthetic antimicrobial macromolecules.


Group news

February 2024

We bid farewell to Kensuke who is returning to Kyoto after a 6-month research stay with us! It was great to have you and all the best for your future!


December 2023

Congratulations to Tony for being awarded his PhD!

Tong (Tony) Zhang.jpg

August 2023

Henry and Gervase finally got to celebrate their PhD graduation. Huge congratulations to both for this huge achievement as well as receiving the Dean's Award for their outstanding PhD theses!


December 2023

Congrats to Xiaobing for being awarded his PhD as well as the Dean's Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis!


October 2023

Congrats to Valentin who won a presentation award at the PolyNSW Early Career Researcher Symposium showing his work on 3D printable ceramics!


August 2023

Congratulations to Zilong for obtaining his PhD on the work of photo-RAFT polymerization regulated by NIR light for well-defined polymer synthesis! 

zilong photo.JPG

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Group news



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