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The team


Prof Cyrille Boyer


Cyrille heads the Boyer lab at UNSW and is also co-director of the Australian Centre for Nanomedcine and a member of the Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design. He has received numerous awards for his work in polymerisation, including  UNSW Research Excellence Award, Prime Minister Prize for Science (Malcolm MacIntosh Prize) and  ACS Biomacromolecules/Macromolecules Young Investigator Award. Cyrille’s research interests cover the use of photoredox catalysts to perform living radical polymerisation, hybrid organic–inorganic nanoparticles for imaging, nanomedicine and energy storage. Cyrille has published over 250 research articles, including eight patents, which have gathered over 11000 citations.
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Dr Edgar Wong

Junior Group Leader - Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow

Edgar is a multidisciplinary researcher whose work spans across several disciplines including synthetic (polymer) chemistry, materials science, (micro)biology and nanotechnology. His focus is now on generating materials for antimicrobial and anticancer applications.

Google Scholar       Email: edgar.wong@unsw.edu.au

Dr Susan Oliver

Team Leader FSI Project / Senior Research Fellow

Susan joined the Boyer Group after many years in industry. Her work focuses on developing functional polymeric materials and nanoparticles from natural products for antimicrobial, anticancer and advanced materials applications. She leads the team developing fire retardant polymeric materials.

Google Scholar       Email: susan.oliver@unsw.edu.au

Dr Nathaniel Corrigan

Post Doc

Photo-flow polymerisation systems

Photoredox catalysis


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Dr Kenward Jung

Post Doc

Photopolymerisation in miniemulsion

Photoredox catalysis

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Dr Dewen Zhou

Research Associate

Dewen is a research associate working on the development of fire retardant coating materials. Her research interest is in synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles using polymerization-induced self-assembly.

LinkedIn      Email: dewen.zhou@unsw.edu.au

Dr Winny Fam

Research Associate

Winny is a research associate working on the development of fire retardant coating materials. Her research interests include membrane fabrication for gas  separation and water applications, thin film coatings, and material characterisations.

Email: winny.fam@unsw.edu.au

Dr Lei Lei

Research Associate

Lei is a research associate working on the development of fire-retardant polymers. His research interests include the preparation and application of stimuli-responsive polymers, anti-smudge coatings and emulsion templated polymeric products. 

Google Scholar      Email: lei.lei@unsw.edu.au

Dr Ka Wai Fan

Research Associate

Ka Wai is a research associate with strong interest in industry topics. He is currently developing fire retardant system for polymer composite used in real-life products. Prior to this role, Ka Wai has built his research experience from topics that focus on the use of aqueous chemistry. He is particularly interested in the application of polydopamine and its analogues in functional coating and nanocapsule fabrication, as well as silica-based microencapsulation technology. 

Email: kawai.fan@unsw.edu.au

Graduate research students

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate research degree with the Boyer Lab, please contact Prof Cyrille Boyer. Email: cboyer@unsw.edu.au

Zahra Sadrearhami

PhD candidate

Drug delivery

Antimicrobial nanoparticles

Google Scholar       Email: z.sadrearhami@unsw.edu.au

Rashin Zangeneh

PhD candidate

Antimicrobial polymers

Google Scholar       Email: r.namivandizangeneh@unsw.edu.au

Peter Judzewitsch

PhD candidate

Antimicrobial polymers

Email: p.judzewitsch@student.unsw.edu.au

Sihao (Henry) Xu

PhD candidate



Email: sihao.xu@unsw.edu.au

Chenyu Wu

PhD candidate; web admin

Quantum chemical studies of photocatalysis

Computer-guided photocatalyst design

Photoredox catalysis

Homepage      Google Scholar       Email: chenyu.wu@student.unsw.edu.au

Gervase Ng

PhD candidate

High-throughput photopolymerisation in open-air

Google Scholar      Email: g.b.ng@unsw.edu.au

Tong (Tony) Zhang

PhD candidate



Email: tong.zhang3@student.unsw.edu.au

Huijie Zhu

PhD candidate

Photo-flow polymerisation

Complex architecture polymers

Email: huijie.zhu@student.unsw.edu.au

Erna Wulandari

PhD candidate

Antimicrobial polymers

Email: erna.wulandari@student.unsw.edu.au

Prabal Sapkota

Scientia PhD

Industrial projects

Email: p.sapkota@student.unsw.edu.au

Liwen Zhang

PhD candidate



Biological materials

Email: liwen.zhang3@student.unsw.edu.au

Zilong Wu

PhD candidate



Email: zilong.wu@student.unsw.edu.au

Thi Thu Phuong Pham

PhD student

Bio-related materials

Email: thithuphuong.pham@student.unsw.edu.au

Zhiheng (Michael) Zhang

PhD student

Photo-curing 3D printing

Email: z5243295@student.unsw.edu.au

Ke (Lance) Liu

PhD student

Junchen (Cliff) He

PhD student

Antimicrobial materials

Email: junchen.he@student.unsw.edu.au

Coursework students

If you are interested in completing research with the Boyer Lab as part of your Honours or Masters degree, please contact
Prof Cyrille Boyer.
Email: cboyer@unsw.edu.au

Leonid Zhernakov



Photoredox catalysis/Flow polymerization


Masters coursework student

Lily Zhao


Antimicrobial polymers

High-throughput photopolymerisation

Email: lily.zhao@student.unsw.edu.au

Honours student